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The Lavender Rose Movement

#thelavenderrosemovement looks to celebrate diversity, inclusion, pride, and positivity in our youth

The Lavender Rose is the flower of the transgender community and the symbol #crw has adopted to represent this #lovewins movement

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The Lavender Rose Gala

The Lavender Rose Gala is a beautiful event for high school students. 

This safe space fundraising event presents a night of dance, music, entertainment and delightful food for our youth to celebrate how their individuality add to the tapestry of our community 

Join us February 10th 2024 at Coverdale Rec Centre

The Bella Rose Kindness Award

#crwrose will be given to a student who can demonstrate how in their every day life they make the world a more colourful, more inclusive place, who behaves and embodies kindness, acceptance and love in their interactions and their life 

Application details to come

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Become a sponsor

To be part of the one of a kind event and support our pride and neurodivergent youth download the sponsorship letter 

email us directly with questions and donations 

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